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We are SmartDoc Technologies and we host this site for our training students. Registered students receive access to a fully-configured AEM Forms sandbox account on this site. Students can use this site for up to a year after their training session. This enables our students to practice right away on a fully configured and tested AEM Forms system.

About our Adobe-Certified Trainers

SmartDoc Technologies is the worldwide leader in Adobe AEM Forms Training and Development. We are Adobe Certified Experts (ACEs) and Adobe Certified Instructors (ACIs) in the following Adobe technologies:

J.P. Terry teaching at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.
J.P. Terry teaching at the Adobe Summit Conference in Las Vegas.

SmartDoc Technologies has trained thousands of students and sold tens of thousands of Adobe Press books. SmartDoc is a recognized authority and they represent Adobe each year by teaching AEM Forms at the Adobe Summit conference. The following is a list of Adobe Press books by SmartDoc Technologies.

This is a partial list of the Adobe courseware developed by SmartDoc Technologies.