Hello, I am trying to create a workflow to send a Document of Record (DOR) to an FTP site. I know there is a process called "PUT Operation" in JEE Workbench. Is there a similar operation in Sites OSGI?, October 31st, 2021 14:37:04

I'm currently working on a form that has a repeating subform and a button that the user clicks to Add or Remove the subform on the form. After the subform goes to the second content area page, it works fine. If the user adds another repeating subform that will force a third page the form will glitch and hide all the pre-existing repeated subforms and only show the two at the beginning of (page one) and as well as overlay on my page footer (below). I made sure all the parent subforms were set to "Flowed". Is there's something I would need to change so that this glitch doesn't happen and will continue onto the next content area?, October 31st, 2021 14:37:42

I am working with Adobe Designer forms and Adobe Sign. Is it possible to add metadata to an Adobe Designer XDP and have the metadata show up as part of the final Adobe Sign signed agreement?, October 31st, 2021 14:38:25

I was curious if the bug I described below was one you had encountered. We populate a table from a form data model according to the method from your documentation. It appears to work when we fill out the form, but the table on the document of record is empty. Trent recalled the issue coming up in one of the training sessions, but didn’t recall how it was resolved., October 31st, 2021 14:39:01

When I create an adaptive form based on an XDP form, the Total field is calculating automatically because the JavaScript was inherited from the XDP. Where is this script located in the adaptive form?, October 31st, 2021 14:39:37

I recently followed the documentation to create a new AEM Author Server. What are the most important steps to take to secure my server?, October 31st, 2021 14:40:06

The Submit Action for my adaptive form is set to Forms Portal Submit Action. I have also select Store data in forms portal. After I submit my form, where can I see my data? The Introduction to Adaptive Forms class says I can see the data in this CRX node: /content/forms/fp/username/submit/data/ But I do not see this node., October 31st, 2021 14:40:43

Do you have any examples of submitting from an HTML Rendering of an XDP? I reviewed the "HTML Forms with Designer" course but did not see any examples., October 31st, 2021 14:41:09

I created an adaptive form up in the Sandbox called Davids Value Commit Example. It shows that the value commit event fires programmatically without the user participation. Preview the form and you will see the value commit on the drop-down fires upon form initialization. David Zhang, March 24th, 2022 15:27:08

How do we invalidate the cache when pages are updated and published? I am publishing new pages from my Author instances, but my web server is still serving up the old pages., March 29th, 2022 14:26:19

We published our adaptive forms but the images in the icons were missing. We can see the icon images in the Author instance and in the Publish instance, but they are not served up from the web server to the end user. Has anyone seen this before?, March 30th, 2022 17:17:15

I missed a few of the Dispatcher courses so where should I start., April 05th, 2022 16:38:03

I am using the SmartDoc Sandbox to work on the advanced adaptive forms courses. I need to create a Client Library in the apps folder of CRXDE to store my JavaScript functions and custom CSS Class Selectors. However, I do not have permissions on the SmartDoc Sandbox to create folders in the apps directory. When I try to create a folder, I get this message: Could not save changes. Received 403 (Forbidden) for saving changes in workspace crx.default. Access denied. Can you create a folder for me with the proper Access properties to complete the course Client Libraries?, April 06th, 2022 11:31:35

We have many XDPs that previously we used as interactive PDF forms. But now, we need to render them as HTML forms. Will the JavaScript work. What scripts will work and what should I watch out for., April 07th, 2022 14:36:59

I am working on the Workbench courses in the JEE section. Should I use my company’s JEE server for these exercises or is there a SmartDoc JEE Sandbox?, April 09th, 2022 15:22:59

Is there a list of modules and exercises recommended specifically for developers?, April 13th, 2022 11:38:06

I just started with I am a new learner. Is there a limit to how many questions I can ask?, April 14th, 2022 14:14:22

We want to share the customer uploaded images etc. content across all the publisher instances within the publisher server farm. So no matter dispatcher dispatches to which instance, the content will be always there.
To achieve this, seems we have to use FileDataStore, and shared configuration.

The question is: how normally the industry to save the customer uploaded binary data(images, files) in a publisher server cluster(farm) environment? Anybody is using the FileDataStore and it works? How's the performance?, April 18th, 2022 10:32:24

I am working on the introduction to adaptive forms exercise. While try to create the simple form using the Simple Enrollment template. Noticed the Simple Enrollment template is not there. Based on the instruction, I need to install the template from the from student files. I could locate the zip file but not sure how to install the template. Could you provide the detail steps. Thanks., April 19th, 2022 15:04:52


Can you tell me how to make a field of text appear when data is entered into another certain text field (it could also be a table or drop down list)?

I am working on a form that has a field that requests certain type of data from the end user; When that data is provided I need a notification message, or box, or field to appear or pop-up to inform them that the data they are entering is considered special. I guess this would need to be a flowed form with a field that then disappears if the data is removed from the field.

Thanks,, April 26th, 2022 16:10:51

I have 2 dynamic drop-down lists on an adaptive form. The data sources for both are from an FDM (Form Data Model) and the get service for both return multiple elements in an array. One of the drop-down lists works and the other does not. I cannot figure it out. Can you help me with this?, April 28th, 2022 17:01:27

I have two of the bundles that are not starting in my local.
Error: com.adobe.fd.output.api,version=[5.11,6) -- Cannot be resolved

The bundles are fine on the dev server. I have installed crx-quickstart instance.
I have tried below:
a) uber-jar version is 6.5.0 and my local AEM version is also 6.5.0.
b) restarted the services
c)Uninstalled the AEM forms add on package and installed it.
d) deleted the crx and installed again., May 14th, 2022 15:37:59

Hi James, I’m having difficulty positioning the Field Help Icon on a Theme. What is the solution to position the help icon top right for the Google Chrome browser? I tried to set the position 95% under the Right section, but that doesn’t work either., May 17th, 2022 14:45:06

How can I create a PDF form that reads from a database, May 13th, 2022 10:23:04

How can I make a group of text fields mandatory when a certain checkbox is checked?, May 26th, 2022 15:05:53

I have two of the bundles that are not starting in my local.
Error: com.adobe.fd.output.api,version=[5.11,6) -- Cannot be resolved

The bundles are fine on the dev server. I have installed crx-quickstart instance

I have tried below:

a) uber-jar version is 6.5.0 and my local AEM version is also 6.5.0.

b) restarted the services

c)Uninstalled the AEM forms add on package and installed it.

d) deleted the crx and installed again., May 05th, 2022 12:20:31


How can I make a checkbox mandatory? The checkbox does not have the same required drop down list that a text box does.

Thanks,, May 26th, 2022 15:06:53

I would like to fill-in a web form (adaptive form) and show the filled in data in a pdf where the DoR is a custom XDP-file. I tried the submit-option Send PDF via email. You’ll find the options below. But I receive an error when submitting. Is this possible within the sandbox environment? Or do you have another proposal to demo. Do you have an example to get me going?, May 26th, 2022 20:33:48

The checkbox does not have the same required drop down list that a text box does so how can I make a checkbox mandatory in a Designer form., May 27th, 2022 10:13:59

How can I add custom JavaScript to an adaptive form., May 27th, 2022 16:37:04


I have two very similar forms which have certain form fields in common. I want to be able to copy and paste from one form to another in Acrobat, once the form is rendered, or to import data from one form to the other. Is this possible? Any help you can provide is appreciated in advance.

Thanks,, June 02nd, 2022 09:27:53

We are migrating from IBM Forms to AEM Forms. Does AEM Forms support all of the following?
Data Input
Data validation at the form level
File attachments in PDF and TIFF format
SOAP web services, June 02nd, 2022 17:15:01

I have two forms that receive their data from form data models – which in turn – get those values from a database.
In many cases – the values that the FDM places in these text box components – are not recognized until the user enters/exits the field – or if they click a button that relates to those fields. These fields are also hidden – so this makes it impossible for the user to interact with these fields.
Have you heard of any issues like this?, June 02nd, 2022 17:21:22

I have two forms that have identical data fields in Designer. When I publish and send to the end user, is there a way for them to copy and paste the data from one form to another in Acrobat?

Is there any way to link the data fields so that a user can easily move or compile data from one form to the other?

Thanks,, June 16th, 2022 10:53:18


How can I hide page 1 of a 9 page form when using LiveCycle Designer? I understand that hiding subsequent pages can be done using Action Builder, but I cant figure out how to hide the very first page when I preview in PDF or when I open the form using Acrobat. Is there a line of javascript that I can use?

Thanks,, July 25th, 2022 17:38:55


When exporting an XML (Designer) Form into Excel Im noticing my headers are not readable. Is there anyway to make converting an Adobe Forms table into an Excel table?

Thanks,, August 18th, 2022 10:12:53

Given that you have a working data source connection from AEM to an oracle database, is it possible to validate the data by calling oracle functions out of the box? and what would the best/recommended approach for such validation calls?

MAFERNANDEZ@DIR.CA.GOV, August 19th, 2022 16:04:48

I have put in 5 actions and everything went smooth. For some reason now when I try to click "Add Action" it is greyed out and not available. Did I perhaps click something that turned the feature off?, August 22nd, 2022 11:57:55

I have an Adobe Designer form that I need to add calculated fields on, using the script editor. I need to create functions that add the values in table cells and put the sum in a total field below the cells. I have Excel background but am new to using the Script Editor in Designer. What is the best approach to take?, October 17th, 2022 12:08:55

Hello James. I am working on a form where QA says we need some validation on a website field. Do you know of a pattern that will take care of this? I have done a lot of googling with no luck. This is an example that we want to validate:, October 17th, 2022 12:22:29

First time to post a question here. My question is pretty much like the title. I found a similar question online ( but didn't find an answer. I wonder if there is a solution here.
Thank you!
J, October 17th, 2022 13:09:41

I am having trouble being able to format fields to add a $ or %. When I do use the format/pattern function it will make it 4 characters and change all of my 50 to 5000%. I have tried playing in the pattern field and only doing (nn%) but it isnt doing any change. Any help would be great! Thanks!, October 24th, 2022 16:07:10

I have a form thatI created in AEM Designer that I have put actions in. I have a checkbox that when checked it should disable a section I have created. That action works. Then I added an action that when it is unchecked it reenables the section. That action is not working., November 02nd, 2022 13:50:29

I have a customer who needs to combine Form: OF1164-17c with scanned receipts. The system they are using to process the form with receipts only allows the upload of 1 document. The software they are using to sign the form does not recognize PDF portfolios. The form will need signed after the receipts are attached. I tried making the form a static PDF, but it still won't combine without portfolio. I was able to print the form as a PDF and combine them, but the security features are lost and signatures have to be replaced., November 02nd, 2022 16:35:24

Hi. I can’t get on to training
(i.e.: )
with the following login given:
Thanks!, November 06th, 2022 18:56:48

Hi James,
Hope you are doing well.

We need some help/guidance from you in merging multiple PDF’s using custom assembler code. Below is the use case.
As per the requirement to combine two pdf documents in AEM workbench process design, we had followed the DDX format using assembler as per the training demo we had received.

DDX Format:
DDX xmlns=
PDF result="CombinedResult.pdf"
PDF source="process:///process_data/@doc1"/
PDF source="process:///process_data/@doc2"/

But we are not able to generate the combined output result of two documents with just DDX format to combine pdf documents, As we observed, custom assembler code is required.
We tried to create custom assembler but were failing while generating output.
We need help with any reference for custom assembler or any other approach to achieve the two pdf document combining approach.

Thanks & Regards, November 09th, 2022 21:01:26

Hi, I was wondering if there's any way to integrate using fieldsets and legends in adaptive forms?

: The Field Set element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN
: The Field Set Legend element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

It doesn't seem to be out-of-box available on our servers, so I wasn't sure if it's possible to make a custom component that could use them (e.g. with checkbox groups, or wherever else it would make sense).
I also tried to figure out from AEM's documentation if it's possible, and am not sure. Fieldsets are mentioned in their accessibility document: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.5 Sites 2019 Accessibility Conformance Report
If you search "fieldset," but they just say "As described in 1.3.1 Info and Relationships, authors cannot create accessible fieldsets."
It also looks like the Core Components might allow usage of them, but it looks more like they're built in?: Form Options
i.e. at that link, the "Markup" tab for checkboxes and radio buttons have examples using fieldset and legend.

If it helps out for context, the goal is to improve accessibility on forms where using those HTML elements would help. H71: Providing a description for groups of form controls using fieldset and legend elements, November 15th, 2022 15:57:04

I am working through the AEM-Forms Designer training and have hit a brick wall. I am doing the exercises in the attached book and I’m on the section “Work with Objects”, page 15. I am on Step 11 where it says to expand your Drawing Aids Palette. I cannot find the Drawing Aids Palette in my version of Designer. I see it, I select it, but it doesn’t show up. I am using Adobe Experience Manager – Forms, Version I have unselected every other window and still can’t find it. Do you have any hints to help me see it?, November 30th, 2022 10:30:44

I am trying to include the save button that comes out of the box with Adobe AEM adaptive forms. I created a toolbar and included the Submit button and the Save button in my toolbar. I see that the form is getting saved but i am not really sure where it is getting saved to.
Any leads will be much appreciated. Thanks, Pravallika, November 30th, 2022 20:29:19

I started the Forms & Data training module, and in the training PDF (Page 11) I followed the "Test the FSI Customers service" activity.
The output (after clicking "Test") was:
Could not establish connection: Database 'AEM-FORMS-REFSITE-DB' not found.

My guess is this relates to, which I installed as directed.
Any ideas what I may have missed or what I can do to continue this module?, January 05th, 2023 15:40:28


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