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Introduction and Installation in the Administration section has been updated. The VMWare Image page and PDF instructions have been added.


The Client Library Student Files have been updated.


The Dispatcher Flush course has been updated. 


The Advanced Scripting for Designer is updated with a new exercise for Cascading Drop-down Lists. The choice the user makes in the first list determines the values in the second list.


The Designer Student Manual and Designer Installation Instructions are both been updated.


The Workbench and Designer Installation Instructions are updated.


The OSGi Introduction and Installation class is updated. There are new instructions showing how to monitor the error.log file to improve the success of your server(s).




A lot of you have been asking about the Adobe Certification exam so I created the Adobe Certification page for you. The tables on the page list every topic along with the online course you need to master. My other recommendation is to attend each Thursday’s LIVE training session.  We are currently covering AEM Forms workflow, which is ON the test.

Certification Sprint

Join us for this Fall's Certification Sprint and master all the concepts details of Adobe AEM Forms.