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The tables below list every topic on the AEM Forms Developer Expert exam (AD0-E125) along with the online course you need to master. My other recommendation is to attend each Thursday’s LIVE training session. The lectures are only 30 minutes, and our Fall Courses cover many of the topics on the test. If you are not yet an subscriber, what are you waiting for? Join us now and get certified with our special 1-time Certification Sprint membership. This is the best way to get certified. According to Adobe, “you should be familiar with the following technologies and environments” before taking the test.

Topic Online Course
Design XDP templates, XFA templates The first 6 courses in the Designer section.
Creating PDF Forms (static/dynamic, interactive and non-interactive) Dynamic Forms
Schema or XML data binding Working with Data and XML and XML Schema
Create Form Fragment Templates, Objects, and Fragments and Fragments
Create an Adaptive Form The first 6 courses in the Adaptive Forms section.
Debugging of Complex Form Adaptive Form Workshop
Configure and perform forms submission Forms and Data
Build and Deploy AEM instances for adaptive forms The Administration section
Use form model Form Data Models and Forms based on Models
Ability to integrate with data services Datasources
Workflow implementation AEM Forms Workflow
Basic understanding of AEM forms workbench (JEE) to create long live - short live processes and services. Introduction to Workbench, Workbench and Workspace, and Adaptive Forms in Workbench
Develop javascript clientlibs using GuideBridge API Client Libraries
Based on sign v government CAC know which AEM Forms environment desktop or server based to use Adobe Sign
Basic understanding of Java/J2EE and JavaScript to write logic and call different services. Programming
Prefill an adaptive form Forms and Data
Basic understanding or knowledge of OSGi, Sling components Sites
Use of Document Services Document Services
AEM Designer Designer
AEM Workbench Introduction to Workbench
AEM Workspace Workbench and Workspace
Adaptive forms console Adaptive Forms
Java IDE Tools Programming
Maven Programming
GIT/Versioning tools Programming


According to Adobe, the test is organized into these five sections.
Section 1: Forms creation and management (36%)

Topic Recommended Study
Build Forms Obviously a very broad topic. Make sure know how to build Designer and Adaptive Forms.
Configure Forms Data Model Form Data Models
Customize AEM Forms Adaptive Forms
Develop and use Javascript ClientLib leveraging GuideBridge API Client Libraries


Section 2: Processes and workflows (34%)

Topic Recommended Study
Design and orchestrate a Form approval workflow Form Submission and Review
Develop an OSGi bundle using Document Services API Document Services
Schedule different asynchronous batch processes using Watchfolder endpoint Document Services
Produce different output from XFA/XDP designs Document Services
Manipulate PDF using Forms or Assembler services Document Services
Implement JDBC services Datasources and Invoke a Form Data Model Service


Section 3: Administration and troubleshooting (18%)

Topic Recommended Study
Troubleshoot and differentiate log files Log Files
Perform administration activities Administration and Administration JEE
Apply Service Packs Introduction and Installation
Perform AEM Dispatcher setup for Forms

Deployment Scenarios, Publish Server Configuration,

IIS and Dispatcher, Publish Pages,

Review a Dispatcher.any file, Customize Dispatcher.any, Dispatcher Flush

Navigate different consoles Server Configuration


Section 4: API endpoints and integrations (8%)

Topic Recommended Study
Integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud Cloud Administration
Generate and consume various endpoint services Document Services


Section 5: Interactive Communication (4%)

Topic Recommended Study
Design, demonstrate, and implement processes for the Interactive Communication Correspondence Management


Here is the Adobe page for the AEM Forms Developer Expert exam (AD0-E125):


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