Default Write Service missing

When we create Form Data Models that only perform a get service and no inserts or updates, we will run into a known issue with AEM Forms. As you see here (#1), we will get a Default Write Service missing warning message on our model. Logically, this is true because we don’t require a write service. However, if we go into our model and try to fix it, we will see the product bug. As you see here (#2) we can set the model’s Write Service to None. But, this value, in this context, is meaningless. Adobe does not retain this setting. When we come back to the model, we will see the Write Service has not retained our setting (#3) and we once again have the Default Write Service missing warning message on our model.

Diagram with screenshots showing the Default Write Service Missing warning

When we look at CRX, we see that nodes are created for get, insert, and update (see illustration). I have not found a record of the None choice in CRX.

Screenshot showing the get and insert services of a Form Data Model in CRX.

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